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Parent Connection

Woodlands Christian

The support and involvement of parents at Woodlands Christian creates a dynamic and enriched community for our students, faculty, staff and families. Below is a sample list of opportunities for parents to connect within our community.

Warrior Boosters

Supporting Student-Athletes for the Glory of God

The Woodlands Christian Warrior Boosters' purpose is to support athletic programs at Woodlands Christian by:

  • Promoting school spirit, sportsmanship and encouraging attendance at all Woodlands Christian athletic events.
  • Organizing and managing fundraising activities consisting of membership drive, sponsorship and special events.

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The Woodlands Christian Academy is a registered 501(c)3 organization with Tax ID #76-0391401. Contributions are deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Warrior Booster Committee Chair: Amy Torres
Golf Tournament Coordinator: Brent Tucker
Membership Coordinator:  Kim Remy, Melissa Stanosheck, Carrie Tucker
Warrior Cookers:  Will Murphy & Travis Jadlot
Sponsorship Coordinators: Kathy Tautenhahn & Amy Young
Special Events Coordinator:  Inger Berger & Heather Cabanas
Banquet Coordinator:  Bonnie Ray & Leslie Scrushy
Warrior Color Run:  Nicole Murphy & Lizzy Hill

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is the council of The Woodlands Christian Academy parents working together to promote the ideals of the school, to encourage fellowship among families, and to support the various needs of the teachers and classes while nurturing each other in Jesus Christ.

The purposes of the PTF are to:

  • Promote the ideals of the school.
  • Foster a sense of community and parent fellowship.
  • Encourage the building of lasting relationships between parents.
  • Facilitate parent involvement.
  • Assist the administration of Woodlands Christian with special events.
  • Coordinate and disseminate information about events sponsored by PTF.

During the school year, PTF is involved in organizing and supporting homeroom moms in the lower school and grade level moms in the middle and high school. PTF also welcomes and supports new families and hosts meetings and luncheons to inform parents of school news and activities.

For more information, contact our 2019- 2020 PTF President - Kelly Owens


2019-2020 PTF President: Kelly Owens
High School Coordinator: Kim Murphy
Middle School Coordinator: Amanda Gaige
Lower School Coordinator: Lisa Greathouse
Book Fair Coordinator: Katie Carlson 
Ladies Bible Study Coordinator: CeCe Ray & Krisi Monsivaiz 
Moms-In-Prayer Coordinator: Sherry McClure
Teachers’ Lounge Treat Coordinator: Tonya Page & Laura Sullivan
Uniform Coordinator: Sandrine Janssens
Book Exchange Coordinator: Stacy Shilling

GRADE REPResentative assistant
Prek Desiree Nielsen LeAnn Cyr
Kindergarten Jessica Thibodeaux Laura Vander Voort
1st Grade Lizzy Hill Jennifer Chamberlain
2nd Grade Catherine Clark Katie Carlson
3rd Grade Laura Wheeler Kim Batson
4th Grade Kelly Cromack Christian Meachem
5th Grade Heather Cabanas  
6th Grade Ellie Alcala  
7th Grade Shawn Lusk Michele Hardy
8th Grade Pam Higdon  
9th Grade Bridget Buck  
10th Grade Tanya Ellisor Cindy Taylor
11th Grade Amy Torres  
12th Grade Tania Bryngelson Amy Nash


Auction & Gala Volunteers

Each spring Woodlands Christian holds an Annual Auction & Gala, a festive evening of fellowship and fundraising. The Auction & Gala is a much-anticipated event every year, and a huge opportunity for parent involvement.

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The Woodlands Christian Academy Auction & Gala "Living' on A Prayer" 2018

Grade Level Representative

Keeping parents informed and connected is an important part of the culture at Woodlands Christian. To assist with the dissemination of information and coordination of volunteer and fellowship opportunities, each grade level has a parent volunteer that serves as the Grade Level Representative. This parent volunteer works closely with PTF to share important announcements, coordinate social activities and rally volunteers throughout the school year.

  • High School Coordinator: Tania Bryngelson
  • Middle School Coordinator: Amanda Gaige
  • Lower School Coordinator: Lisa Greathouse
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Stefanie Laugen
  • Book Fair Coordinator: Katie Carlson
  • Ladies Bible Study Coordinator: CeCe Ray & Krisi Monsivaiz
  • Moms-In-Prayer Coordinator: Jerri Mortenson
  • Teachers’ Lounge Treat Coordinator: Tonya Page
  • Uniform Coordinator: Sandrine Janssens
  • Grade Level Reps:

Pre K: Desiree Paul
K: Jennifer Chamberlain
1st: Leslie Bautz
2nd: Laura Wheeler
3rd: Rachel Alarid
4th: Becky Wise
5th: Elizabeth Alcala
6th: Shelley Powell
7th: Pam Higdon
8th: Jen Jadlot
9th: Jennifer Worthington
10th: Carrie Tucker
11th: Michelle Karim and Julie Jackson
12th: Lisa Birdwell and Katherine McBride

For more information, contact PTF

Women's Bible Study

Warrior moms meet weekly throughout the school year for Bible study and fellowship. This study is a PTF event.

Library Volunteer

Parents are invited to volunteer in the school library. Duties include assisting the school librarian with book check-in/out, helping students to locate books on interest, and running the annual book fair.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact the school librarian.


Team Parent

Our athletic department coordinates thirteen different sports, each with several teams participating in play multiple times per week. Many of our team coaches appreciate the assistance of a Team Parent, a volunteer to help coordinate team snacks and meals, parent communication, team spirit, post season celebrations and other team specific needs.

Contact your athlete's team coach to volunteer.