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An Accredited Christian College Preparatory School | Pre-K - 12th Grade

Warriors earn 5 medals, 24 ribbons at Area Round of 2021 Math Olympics

Each year, TWCA's 3rd-8thgraders participate in the ACSI Math Olympics.

There were 6 schools in all and 169 students in the Area competition. A total of 60 ribbons were awarded for the 1st-5th place winners and 8 total medals for 1stplace winners who also received at least an 85% or higher.

TWCA students received 24 of those ribbons and 5 of those medals! See below for the detailed results:

(Photos of all winners can be seen on Vidigami, here)


3rd Grade Computation:

Imisi Amodu—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Maddie Spitz—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Valentina Sanchez—Area certificate


3rd Grade Reasoning:

David Sibley—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Sydney Blair Kitchens—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Henry van der Kloet—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon


4th Grade Computation:

Jake Thurlow—Area certificate

Lilly Vander Voort—Area certificate

Samantha Demandante—Area certificate


4thGrade Reasoning:

Zoke Anugwom—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Huxley Howard—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Estelle Janssens—Area certificate


5th Grade Computation:

Matthew McKenny—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Lauren Gonzales—Area certificate

Beth Oparakum—Area certificate


5th Grade Reasoning:

Ajay John—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Allison Gonzales—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Kate Jadlot—Area certificate


6th Grade Computation:

Mackenzie Allphin—Area certificate and 2nd place ribbon

Reagan Sberna—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Lauren Culberson—Area certificate


6th Grade Reasoning:

Caden Chapman—Area certificate and 2nd place ribbon

Elaina Trevathan—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Hayden Bennett—Area certificate and 5th place ribbon


7th Grade Computation:

Keira Schroeder—Area certificate and 5th place ribbon

Lizbeth Er—Area certificate

Kate Worthington—Area certificate


7th Grade Reasoning:

Jackson Meacham—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Bryce Johnson—Area certificate and 5th place ribbon

Drew Johnson—Area certificate


8th Grade Computation:

Marlow Grade Leahy—Area certificate and 1st place ribbon

Lucas Finley—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Duke Heise—Area certificate and 5th place ribbon

Andrew Cockrill—Area certificate


8th Grade Reasoning:

Emma Sweger—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Kian Berhaven—Area certificate and 2nd place ribbon

Nick Brashear—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

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