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Warrior Athletics implements B3rd Approach to 2022-2023 school year

Warrior Athletics implements B3rd Approach to 2022-2023 school year
Matthew Reese
Warrior Athletics implements B3rd Approach to 2022-2023 school year
Warrior Athletics implements B3rd Approach to 2022-2023 school year

When you are a part of Warrior Athletics at The Woodlands Christian Academy, you are always looking to improve. 

That goes for athletes, coaches and parents both on and off the field of play. Starting this year, Warrior Athletics has implemented the B3rd Approach to all high school athletics programs under the direction of Tanner Field, the founder of B3rd and the boys varsity basketball head coach. 

According to its website, "B3rd Athletics was inspired by an ongoing conversation with Coach Field and his wife. As the parents of six children, they are in constant prayer about their future sons and daughters in law. With the hope being that each of their kids find Godly relationships, they were inspired to use athletics to build future husbands and wives."

"The goal is simple," Field said. "We want to impact lives through athletics and put things back in the proper order — GOD, Others, me. Me is always last." 

"We recognize that young people today are going through the most challenging time in human history with regard to moral obstacles," Field added. "Currently, the standards and expectations for our future leaders are at an all-time low, and we think that needs to change." 

The B3rd team, along with Field, includes TWCA's Spiritual Coordinator and High School Bible Teacher Aaron Marez and Brian Goll — an English teacher at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas. 

With three separate curriculums — one for athletes, coaches and parents — everyone in the Warrior Community can be a part of the B3rd movement. 

Each Monday, all High School athletes, whether they are in season or not, are invited to meet in the SLC to go over the week's topic as an entire athletic community. The following days, each sport can meet individually with their coaches to discuss the content in more depth. 

Each week, the five lessons are comprised of the following: 

  • Monday: Biblical Lesson
  • Tuesday: Old Testament Reading / Reflection
  • Wednesday: Pray the Psalm
  • Thursday: New Testament Reading / Reflection
  • Friday: Gospel Reading / Reflection 

Field's program has embraced the mantra — GOD, Others, Me — and the dividends have shown on the court with three state titles in the past five seasons. 

"When embraced by the entire culture (athletes, coaches, & parents), the B3rd mindset frees people from the trap of individualism and creates a counter cultural environment of authentic joy for team," Field said. "We have experienced both ends of the spectrum and much prefer serving players and parents who believe in God, Others, Me! It’s refreshing to coach young people when you know that you have the support of their parents and they trust you are working hard for the entire team."

To learn more about B3rd Athletics, visit their website.




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