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Third Graders Persuade Administration to Create Change on Campus

On Friday, October 23, third graders assembled and presented persuasive essays to lower school Principal, Mrs. Bruha and Assistant Principal, Mrs. John to take action on one of three campus improvements. Students utilized writing strategies they learned during writing boot camp, and made convincing arguments to celebrate Halloween on campus, build a treehouse on the playground, or add sports to third and fourth grade. Over the last two years, third graders have effectively persuaded the administration to install a zipline on the playground and add a new swing set. 

After much deliberation, the lower school administration decided to allow third graders to celebrate Halloween in the “Warrior Way.” According to Mrs. John, “It was a pleasure to hear the third grade students try and persuade Mrs. Bruha and me on their ideas for our school. We love being able to implement one of their ideas because it shows students how their writing can influence or change another person’s thoughts or actions.” Classrooms were transformed to look like Candy Land. Students played games, had special assignments in each class, and ended the day with ice cream sundaes.

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