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Teachers of the Quad

Teachers of the Quad
Melissa Kong
Teachers of the Quad
Teachers of the Quad

Each quad, HS students have the opportunity to vote and honor a teacher. Congratulations to the following Teachers of the Quad!

9th grade - Brian Goll

10th grade - Stacy Shilling

11th grade - Brenda Phillips

12th grade - Wendie Ruffner

These teachers go the extra mile to make students feel loved and cared for. According to students, Mrs. Shilling is a great teacher who makes World History fun and interesting. Mr. Goll encourages his students to work hard and learn. They feel as though he always puts them first and wants what is best for them. Mrs. Phillips teaches in a way so that students can understand the subject matter. Seniors believe Mrs. Ruffner adapts her teaching to students’ learning styles and genuinely cares for them academically and personally.

Woodlands Christian has the best teachers and we are honored that they use their gifts to serve TWCA.

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