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Spelling Bee Results 2023

Spelling Bee Results 2023
Melissa Kong
Spelling Bee Results 2023
Spelling Bee Results 2023

Congratulations to all grade level Spelling Bee participants! Our TWCA Spelling Bees took place on March 22nd and were a huge success. Each grade level sent their top 6-7 spellers, and all our students’ hard work paid off! Each student received an ACSI certificate as a keepsake, and the top 4 spellers received a 1st-4th place ribbon. The top 3 spellers in 5th-8th grade advanced to the Spell Off on April 12th to determine the overall top 5 places for our school. 

We are so proud of all our 1st-8th graders who competed! There was incredibly stiff competition with each grade level going from 7-28 rounds including several tie breakers to determine our final winners. All of our students did an amazing job!

TWCA Spelling Bee Results:

1st Grade (total of 52 students):

1st Place—Caroline Seiler

2nd Place—Rowan Joseph

3rd Place—Emily Reilley

4th Place—James Quinn

Participant—Maya Cilento

Participant—Gabriel Sousa Nunes


2nd Grade (total of 49 students):

1st Place—Mila Zachary

2nd Place—Aiden Scott

3rd Place—Brooks Thomas

4th Place—Ollie Petro

Participant—Avaleine Johnson

Participant— Drew Jarvis 

Participant— Eleanor Bevers


3rd Grade (total of 47 students):

1st Place—Liberty Williams

2nd Place—Catherine Reilley

3rd Place—Cami Sosa

4th Place—Jack London

Participant—Manuela Sousa Nunes

Participant—Ezra Nath


4th Grade (total of 42 students):

1st Place—Luke Gonzalez

2nd Place—Eleanor Azios

3rd Place—Shannon Lombard

4th Place—Harper Lykke

Participant—Macie Petro

Participant—McAdoo Sanders


5th Grade (total of 52 students):

1st Place—David Sibley

2nd Place—Graham Montross

3rd Place—Zuri Thuo

4th Place—Imisi Amodu

Participant—Hunter Smith

Participant—Laney French


6th Grade (total of 46 students):

1st Place—Hannah Glaccum

2nd Place—Anna Grace Sanders

3rd Place—Samantha Demandante

4th Place—Brooks Hill

Participant—Ayo Ogunbela

Participant—Hudson Roberts


7th Grade (total of 47 students):

1st Place—Audrey Levett

2nd Place—Siún Lennon

3rd Place—Ajay John

4th Place—Camila Arjona

Participant—Allison Gonzales

Participant—Lauren Gonzales


8th Grade (total of 58 students):

1st Place—Ella Barias

2nd Place—Emilee Savage

3rd Place—Jonathan Rhodriquez

4th Place—Michelle Lee

Participant—Madi London

Participant—Hanna Semple


Spell-Off 5th-8th Grades (top 12 students out of 203 Middle Schoolers):

1st Place—Ella Barias (8th Grade)

2nd Place—David Sibley (5th Grade)

3rd Place—Emilee Savage (8th Grade)

4th Place—Ajay John (7th Grade)

5th Place—Samantha Demandante (6th grade)

Participant—Graham Morris (5th) grade)

Participant—Zuri Thuo (5th grade)

Participant—Hannah Glaccum (6th grade)

Participant—Anna Grace Sanders (6th grade)

Participant—Audrey Levett (7th grade)

Participant—Siun Lennon (7th grade)

Participant—Jonathan Rhodriquez (8th grade)

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