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Spelling Bee Results

Spelling Bee Results
Melissa Kong
Spelling Bee Results
Spelling Bee Results

Congratulations to all of our spelling bee participants! Our TWCA Spelling Bee took place on December 4th and was a huge success. All of our students’ hard work paid off. The top spellers advanced to the ASCI District Spelling Bee in Huntsville on Friday, January 17th. We are so proud of our 5th-8th graders who advanced to the District level!

There was incredibly stiff competition at the district competition, with the top four spellers advancing to the Final Spell-Off. There were 28 students participating in 5th grade who endured 16 rounds to determine the winners. The 6th grade level had 22 students competing, with 24 rounds to determine the winners. Will Brown advanced to the final spell-off by earning 1st Place in the 6th grade bee and advanced to the final spell-off for 5th-8th grade where he made it into a tiebreaker for 7th place.

We had 18 students participating in the 7th grade bee, going through seven rounds to determine the winners. Jacob Ellis earned 2nd Place and Alistair Cuevas received 4th Place. Both advanced to the Final Spell-Off for 5th-8thgrade where Alistair ultimately won 3rd Place and Jacob 7th Place. Alistair and Jacob will now advance to the Regional Spelling Bee in Plano in March. The 8th grade bee had 14 students competing, with 18 rounds to determine the winners. All of our students did an amazing job!

TWCA Spelling Bee Results:

5th Grade:

1st Place—Kimberly Mallet

2nd Place—Annalyse LeBlanc

3rd Place—Dylan Wise

Alternates—Layne Bautz & Caroline Powell

6th Grade:

1st Place—Will Brown

2nd Place—Bryce Johnson

3rd Place—Avery Peterson

4th Place—Lily Phelps

Alternates—Grayson Russo & Luke Smith

7th Grade:

1st Place—Alistair Cuevas

2nd Place—Hudson Howard

3rd Place—Thijs vanEgmond

Alternates—Jacob Ellis & Rilee Klein

8th Grade:

Elijah Hulett

ACSI District Spelling Bee Results:

6th Grade:

1st Place—Will Brown

7th Grade:

2nd Place—Jacob Ellis

4th Place—Alistair Cuevas

Final Spell-Off Results:

3rd Place—Alistair Cuevas

7th Place—Jacob Ellis

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