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Seniors Leave Legacy in Last Lecture

Seniors Leave Legacy in Last Lecture
Melissa Kong
Seniors Leave Legacy in Last Lecture
Seniors Leave Legacy in Last Lecture

Seniors in Mrs. Phillips’ English IV class shared their last lecture, based off the book, “The Last Lecture,” by Randy Pausch. The assignment was a wonderful way for students to end their senior year, giving them a sense of closure. It gave them the chance to speak with their peers, teachers, and other students about their faith, life, family and future. The assignment gave seniors the opportunity to leave a legacy to TWCA through their candid observations and reflective moments. Students shared their stories of faith, darkest and brightest moments, as well as hopes and dreams. Common threads in the lectures included struggles living and learning in a pandemic, God’s unfailing faith, surrounding yourself with Godly people, the love and support from their families, teachers, staff and students at TWCA. Mrs. Phillips said, “This project is amazing and special, allowing me to see the growth of my students, not just in the English class, but as Godly people entering meaningful lives.”  

Life is a constant web and flow of beautiful, grotesque, incredible, deplorable, great, horrible, and just okay moments. 

Joseph Bouis

With college only months away, I am making it a huge goal of mine to continue taking my faith seriously in college.

Leafe Sanders

Friends will come and go in your life but family is forever.

Emma Williams

We are not defined by our experiences but by how we respond to them. We have taken our darkest moments and turned them into something extraordinary.

Aubrey Hollas

Our time in high school together has brought many great memories and challenges.  I hope each and every one of you is inspired by my words this morning.  Now that our time in high school is coming to an end, I must say goodbye to you all and some of you, I may never see past graduation.  However, my words and the advice I have given today can stick with you forever.

Tyler Dunn

I was too busy living in the moment that I was not working for the future.    

Forrest Remy  

Failure is what creates room for success.

Blake Hunter

Fear of losing a friendship because you have had it for so long should not be a factor; a true friendship is built on support and care for one another, not time.

Sophia Russo

He knows what’s best for us, and His is plans our far greater than ours.

Kaylee Mabry

For when God thinks you’re ready, everything will make sense.

Tyrrell Crosby  

Find a way to make it happen; the only person truly standing in your way is yourself.

Payton Moser

 ...every person you meet and spend time with can have a tiny or massive impact on you without even trying, but a change in perspective is good, so don’t be opposed to it.

Cooper Bennett

People tend to put on acts when you first get to know them and when those facades fall it can lead to some pretty bad consequences. 

Reagan Golsby

Nothing good in life comes easily. Everything in life, you have to work for, sacrifice for, and put your heart and soul into.

Andrew Leahy

Happiness may be temporary, but joy with God is eternal.

Reese Ray

My demon affects 1/5th of all teens before they reach adulthood. Following me throughout high school, through ups and downs and the good and bad. Always breathing down my neck and following my every move.

Bradley Michel

It’s okay if it takes your heart longer to accept what your mind already knows…just don’t make it forever.

Hunter Ellis

I used to feel like an outsider or the new kid. But I think I realized there is simply nothing wrong with that.

Avery Monsivaiz

Life is full of hard and troubling times; but it is crucial that we have people there to help us along the journey. It can throw us curveballs and can be extremely challenging at times for different reasons; but it is important we don’t lose sight of our goals and to give glory to God thorough out our time on Earth.

Samuel Herrera

What I thought was difficult then is almost comical to me now because of how minor it all seems when looking at the bigger picture.

Gracie Graham

Where I started freshman year is not who I am right now, and not who I will finish college as.

Preston Culberson

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes you just have to realize you have an eye mask on blinding you from seeing it.

Laney Elguezabal 

Change is necessary because it breaks the mold for new beginnings.

Megan Hanigan

And what to never forget is, make sure you hold your loved ones close before it is too late.

Kylie Hansen

The second you compare what you have to someone else you’ve ruined what you have been given.

Cade Marcinkovich 

My main lesson I’ve learned from high school is no matter how hard life gets and how difficult it looks God will always have your back and to never give up on yourself.

Nolan Ferrovecchio

I know I will still face challenges, and that I won’t always feel as confident as I do right now, however, I am certain that those feelings will eventually pass. I will always have people to turn to who are willing to walk whatever I am facing with me.

Hannah Whieldon

You are infinitely loved by Jesus. He laid down his life for you. Not only that, but He knows you and everything you have ever done as well as everything you will ever do. Despite knowing all these things, He still chose to die for you.

MacKenzie Elliott

Progress is not a linear process and making mistakes by no means diminishes all the personal growth up until that point. The truth is, all of us are making progress every day alongside both our accomplishments and mishaps.

Daniela Silva

After all, change is the only constant in life. Difference will be the one thing that will forever be the same.

Andres Herrero-Loza

Reese of course has all of her many boyfriends, whom have been my friends, my brother’s friends, our neighbors, and anyone else she fancies. She can be the sweetest and care for someone like no other. This is one of the many ways she inspires me to be better.

Abby Adams

I look back and laugh at all my struggles knowing how hard those moments were then, but now I’m so glad I went through them because they are so important to my character today.

Tyler Van Horn

Your future life does not need to reflect your past at all. Tomorrow is a new day and your life is what you make of it.

Mary McKenny

After Deuce got healthy there was never a time you didn’t see him working to become better, whether that meant on the football field or just in general as a person.

Cedric Cook

And with that, you can make a choice to bring joy to other people’s lives.

Daniella Bastos

If my life were a paragraph, it would say that I was always trying to have fun and get the best out of life. My mom who has been my biggest supporter in life always told me growing up that I need to have fun in life and try to get the best out of it. I took this to heart with everything I did.

Bryce Burton

You want to order two large tortillas, and a bowl of cheese, YES a bowl not the puny sides. If they question you, just explain it and break it down, slowly… twooooo largeeee ortillaassss, and a bowllll of cheeseeee.

Pierce Ray

She remembered what was most important in life: life. Her daughter and the turtles represented the miracle of God-created life. Many times we develop tunnel vision and we get so focused about grades or our careers and we forget that the most important thing in life is spending quality time with the living people (or turtles) in it. That is my final piece of advice.

Samuel Huff

All these negative thoughts and worst case scenarios running through my mind, constantly making life increasingly difficult to enjoy, but what if I told you there are ways to get around that?

Tanner Torres

I am incredibly thankful and amazed that God has given me the opportunity to play alongside some of my tee-ball friends in high school. I have cherished these last few games playing with Austin, Caedmon, and Payton knowing this season will be my last.

Christian Berger

I think what is most important about overcoming problems is not the actual overcoming, but how you become stronger and change because of it.

Eric LeBlanc

It meant that failures are merely stepping stones from which to leap toward our goals.

Ben Shearer

“That even if no one is the Lord is rooting for me to chase that dream. To climb from that steep valley when it seems like I'll never reach the heights above.”

Davis Heise

This year has taught me about myself and how trusting in the Lord and letting Him take over is the only way to succeed in this life.

Elizabeth Delclos

Your highs come from places you never would’ve imagined, and it’s important to always be on your toes for when the worst becomes reality.

Katie Tucker

My advice to someone when they start to fret over little things would be this: if it doesn't matter in 5 years, then don't spend more than 5 minutes.

Haley Combs

Life is good.

Caedmon Parker

Take some time to look at the good God has done in your life and most importantly always believe in yourself.

Austin Boyd

Before I please others though, I’ll please myself first.

Michael Fadadunsi

The bonds of friendship I have created with the girls that I have been playing with for as long as I can remember will stay with me always.

Mckenna Meadors

So remember to always embrace yourself, embrace those close to you, and keep moving forward. 

Tucker Carson

Remember, life will not be easy, but there will be many opportunities to find great joy and people there to support and shape you into the best person you can be.

Josh Mueck

I trust my future because I know the author.

Dean Thomas

The blood of the Son of God runs in my veins and the One within my is greater than the One within the world.

Evan Sanni-Thomas

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