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Seniors Learn Big Lessons Through Mosaics of Mercy

Seniors Learn Big Lessons Through Mosaics of Mercy
Melissa Kong
Seniors Learn Big Lessons Through Mosaics of Mercy
Seniors Learn Big Lessons Through Mosaics of Mercy

Seniors participated in a special project with Mosaics of Mercy, a ministry dedicated to providing hope, healing, and promoting mental well-being, to process the mixed emotions related to the disappointment of missing out on a traditional senior year.

Coach Earle originally planned the project in partnership with Ann Hauser, Director of Artistic Expression at Mosaics of Mercy, back in October 2019, as a way to help students deal with the transition from high school to college. At the time, no one could have predicted the chain of events that would transpire, affecting the end of senior year. 

Students met with Hauser virtually during health class. While students pieced together broken tiles into a heart shape, Hauser shared specific, practical, spiritual, and relational ways to address mental well-being. Coach Earle said, “We related the broken pieces to the missed expectations and hurts they are struggling with now.  As they set the broken tile pieces onto the heart, seniors recognized and reflected on how God is working everything together for good and will make it beautiful in time.”

All students were required to record themselves sharing their reflections with Coach Earle. Everyone had a different takeaway but many expressed how powerful the mosaic process was, and described it as a transformative experience they would remember for years to come. Below are just a few of the lessons learned:

  • God pushes the truth into the gaps in our lives
  • Redemption of the image through the grime
  • Sometimes things even stick to our back that we cannot see; needs to be held up to the Light
  • There are seasons in life when we cannot see the pieces or the form. We have to wait to see the big picture.
  • We have to try not to make our brokenness just look good. Instead, we need to focus on what binds the brokenness together.
  • The pieces will eventually shine… if you wait.

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