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New VOCE Choir Program

You might hear more tapping, humming and singing in the hallways at Woodlands Christian. That's because the TWCA choir program is headed in a new direction with VOCE! No longer is choir limited to stodgy old music or to those enrolled in the class. Now, VOCE has a new repertoire of fun pop music and is open to all middle and high school students. High school students can participate on Wednesdays during success time and middle school students can join Tuesday during advisory. Over 50 high school students expressed interest at the first VOCE information session, where they sang their heart out to karaoke. Yesterday, they rocked out singing a cappella, preparing for this year’s Christmas concert. The new beat of VOCE is sure to be a chart topper this year around the TWCA campus. Read more for a little Q&A with Mrs. Henson for the motivation behind VOCE.

Voce Karaoke

What is VOCE?

VOCE is the name of the new re-branded choir program here at TWCA. VOCE will be a vocal performance group that sings all over campus, whether it be in chapel, concerts, football or volleyball games. 

What does VOCE mean?

VOCE is a musical term in Italian that simply means voice.

How is it different from choir?

The music. The repertoire of VOCE will be kind of like if Glee and Pitch Perfect had a baby! Fun, pop, some a cappella music that will make singing and learning fun!

What will students be doing/performing?

Rehearsals will take place weekly to get ready for our two big performances of the school year (Christmas and Spring concert).

When do you meet (for students who aren’t already registered for choir)?

We meet Wednesdays during success for high school and Tuesday during advisory for middle school. The hope is to introduce them into my classroom experience during their success or advisory time so that next year they will take the class.

What are you most excited about this year?

Meeting new kids and introducing them into our new program. 

What motivates you to do what you do?

God’s calling is what motivates me. I know for certain I was meant to teach music. It’s what I was created to do. 

What hopes or vision do you have for the choir/singing program?

My prayer for this program is that they catch the vision and allow this program the growth it deserves. There is no reason why there cannot be an award-winning, respected and impressive vocal performance group on this campus. Our students are crazy talented! Even if they can’t sing alone they can definitely sing in a group! I am here to make that happen.

Please describe your teaching philosophy.

My teaching philosophy is simple, really. Care about WHO you are teaching and WHAT you are teaching. Those two things hand in hand make for great learning moments.  Make your passion contagious. Share the reasons why its your passion and kids will become inspired. I’ve seen it happen and I am here to make that happen on campus at TWCA.

Why do you think choir is important?

Music is in our DNA! We were created to give worship! Whether it be dance, playing an instrument, art or singing, it is within us to give. Performance groups, just like any team sport, allows students the opportunity to be in a group of students for one purpose. With VOCE, that purpose is to make music, and that makes for great memories.


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