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New MS Faculty and Staff

New MS Faculty and Staff
Melissa Kong
New MS Faculty and Staff
New MS Faculty and Staff

We are so excited to introduce our new MS faculty and staff. They bring a new energy and passion to middle school!

Mr. John Crowley - MS Assistant Principal

What did you do before coming here? Before coming to TWCA I served in various capacities at Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, NC. I taught 8th grade US History, served as a team lead, was our Global Knights Coordinator (new school wide initiative to impact our school culture for Christ), a prefect mentor, and National Junior Honor Society Advisor, as well as coach and student life facilitator.

How long have you worked in education? I have been in education for 10 years. Prior to my calling in education, I served at Wells Fargo in their loans department.  

Names and grades of children at TWCA – Adley, 2nd grade; Reese, Kindergarten; Keaton, Pre-K

What do you look forward to most about this school year? I'm honestly just so humbled to be serving in a school that unapologetically has Christ at the center of all decisions. With that as our anchor, I am excited to get to the know the students, lead the phenomenal middle school teachers, and celebrate the success God will give us this year. 

What attracted you to TWCA? My previous head of school highly recommended TWCA for the things they are doing as a result of Mrs. Ambler's leadership. He described TWCA as a “destination school.” When I was on campus for my interview, there were three things that stuck out to me. First, everyone spoke so highly of Mrs. Ambler, even without being asked, that I knew I wanted to grow under her leadership. The other thing that was attractive was the joy that everyone exuded; I saw this from students but also as I observed staff interactions. It sealed the deal when Mrs. Ambler said that God is the head of the school. As a parent, I was not willing to leave our previous school unless we were moving to a school where my own children would see Christ on a daily basis and at TWCA, that's happening. The school's mission statement is not just something that hangs on the wall, it's something that is lived. 

What’s been the best part of life at TWCA so far? The people! I have learned over the years the people you work with can make or break an experience. We are humans, and I am certain that we will have disagreements down the road, but I work with people who love Jesus and are mission minded. The people around me have been supportive, helpful, and encouraging as I navigate this new school. The teachers have been phenomenal. Mrs. Fike is an incredible asset to the middle school, and Mrs. Bruha and Mr. Clark have gone above and beyond to make sure that I have what I need to be successful. 

What do you like to do for fun? I enjoy being active whether that is mountain biking, running (especially on trails), basketball, or playing with my kids. I also really enjoy the evenings, after the kids are down, with my wife, when we can dissect our days together. At some point our kids will stay up past 7:30 so we are really enjoying these evenings while we have them!

Tell us something interesting about you/fun fact - I have never seen Star Wars, I was homeschooled from 6th-12th grade, and the only girl I ever dated was my wife, Kylie. These are all probably related somehow!


Tiffany Francis - 7th Grade Science Teacher

What did you do before coming here? I taught 9th grade and 6th grade. 

How long have you taught? 6 years

Children at TWCA - Leah, 12th grade

What do you look forward to most about this school year? I look forward to building meaningful relationships with students, teachers and staff. I also look forward to teaching my students about life science and God’s amazing creation. 

What attracted you to TWCA? I started my journey at TWCA last year as a parent. I was so impressed with the strong academic rigor and the loving, welcoming community of students, faculty and staff. I am so blessed to now be a part of that community as a teacher. 

What’s been the best part of life at TWCA so far? Getting to know my brilliant students and my kind and helpful coworkers. 

What do you like to do for fun? I love to travel with my family, watch my kids play soccer and spend time at the lake. 

Tell us something interesting about you/fun fact - I have lived overseas with my family in Russia and South Korea. 

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