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Math Olympics Results - 5th-8th Grade

Math Olympics Results - 5th-8th Grade
Blair Moon
Math Olympics Results - 5th-8th Grade
Math Olympics Results - 5th-8th Grade

The ACSI Area Math Olympics competition was held at The Woodlands Christian Academy on Saturday, February 23. TWCA was one of the 18 schools in the contest. Each of the 25 Warriors who participated in the competition qualified for a Good, Excellent, or Superior ribbon in their category. In total, our students received five Superior ribbons, 16 Excellent ribbons, and four Good ribbons. In addition, five students finished with a score of 85% or better and qualified to receive an ACSI Area Medal.

The 5th-8th grade results include:

5th Grade Computation:

Ben Cassidy—Superior; Qualified for a Medal

Keira Schroeder—Excellent

William Stanosheck—Superior; 4th Place; Qualified for a Medal

5th Grade Reasoning:

Kara Dudczak—Superior; Tied for 5th Place; Qualified for a Medal

Abigail Estay—Excellent

Bryce Johnson—Excellent

6th Grade Computation:

Alistair Cuevas—Superior; 1st Place; Qualified for a Medal

Jacob Ellis—Excellent

Knox Trevathan—Excellent

6th Grade Reasoning:

Oyoor Abraham—Excellent

Cora Smith—Excellent

7th Grade Computation:

Ellery Horak—Good

Michael McKenny—Good

Piper O’Brien—Excellent

7th Grade Reasoning:

Christiana Camarillo—Good

Owen Jadlot—Excellent; 1st Place

8th Grade Computation:

Davis Johnson—Excellent; 2nd Place

8th Grade Reasoning:

Avery Fleenor—Excellent; Tied for 5th Place

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