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An Accredited Christian College Preparatory School | Pre-K - 12th Grade

Last Friday, the middle school and high school Improv teams proved performing arts are not limited to only musicals and plays. In line with the goals of the Fine Arts department, Improv introduces a challenging theatrical opportunity. It requires performers to engage with the audience and each other to create a completely unique experience around a particular moment. It is a spontaneous, fun exercise that gives participants a broader scope of the performing arts, builds teamwork, and improves cognitive skills.

Throughout the performance, the students played a variety of games similar to the popular television show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Taking cues from the audience, students were tasked with playing different roles and adopting specific personalities, and reimagined the objects around them to tell a better story.

Mr. Williams plans to take the middle school team to competition next year and is excited to continue developing his new high school group. We look forward to the future of performing arts at TWCA!


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