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HS Students Attend Breakaway Student Ministry at Texas A&M

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, a group of high school students had the unique opportunity to attend Breakaway student ministry at Texas A&M University in College Station. Coach Earle wanted to show the high school students that contrary to chapel, where attendance is required, hundreds of college students make the personal choice to worship God, resulting in a richer and deeper faith. Once there, they met up with four TWCA alumni for a special reunion of worship together. Students had an incredible time and left with many insights. 

My main takeaway from Breakaway was a sense of wonder regarding God's character and power. That Jesus, equal in authority and might with God, would step down from his throne and subject himself to the physical and emotional conditions of man (and endure a death beyond what most people could even imagine) is a testament to the nearly indescribable love of God. That same love exhibited 2000 years ago continues to stir a reaction in hearts today. Before the service ended, we got to see students who have given their lives to God for the first time this past semester, or who have returned to him after a period of wandering, stand up among the crowd. The sight confirmed God's power to move people and change hearts even today, in classrooms and on college campuses.

 Kristen Harris, Senior-

Breakaway was an amazing experience! This certainly changed my perspective on college because it shows that you can still experience and find a Church or some kind of Christian community wherever you go. A&M provides such a loving environment and Breakaway is a great way to spread the word of God.

Kaylee Mabry, Junior- 

What a privilege for our students to see and experience what college ministry looks like. We hope this experience builds anticipation and allows them to look forward to joining a college ministry in the future. 


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