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An Accredited Christian College Preparatory School | Pre-K - 12th Grade

Guest Lecturers Share Personal Insights with Anatomy Students

Anatomy students had the privilege of meeting guest lecturers in their virtual classroom. Ms. DeLeon invited doctors to teach about their specialty, as it relates to anatomy and share their first hand experience. Students were able to see how what they are learning in class is valuable and applicable to the real world.

Last week, Dr. De Leon DC, NP-C, a chiropractor and family nurse practitioner, spoke on neurons, sensory/motor nerves, dermatomes for pain deficits and the patellar somatic reflex. Students had the opportunity to see Dr. De León assess and adjust a patient in real time. Students gasped when they heard the bones release gas, commonly known as “popping”!

This week, students met with Dr. James Dieter, who works in interventional pain management. He taught about different methods of pain management - intercostal pain blocks, guided ultrasound placed pain pumps, stem cell injections, pharmacogenetics and pain metabolism, trauma pain management, opioid addiction and prevention, as well as real cases.

Next week, the guest lecturer will be Dr. Christian Niedzwecki, D.O., lead neurological rehabilitation physician of traumatic brain injury at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is one of the leading researchers and practitioners of neural plasticity (healing of the brain) in adolescents and children.

Students have responded positively to the lectures. They love hearing about the treatment side of anatomy and its application in real life. It seems the short lecture series has sparked a sense of intrigue and exploration in students. According to Ms. De Leon, “The best part of being an educator is when a student leaves class with more questions and a deep curiosity to find answers to them. It’s really what makes a life-long learner.”

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