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Growing Godly Guys & Girls Retreat to Plan for the Year

Growing Godly Guys & Girls Retreat to Plan for the Year
Melissa Kong
Growing Godly Guys & Girls Retreat to Plan for the Year
Growing Godly Guys & Girls Retreat to Plan for the Year

Student leaders in Growing Godly Guys and Girls went on a weekend retreat to focus on team building, leadership development, and plan for the upcoming year at Carolina Creek Camp in Huntsville, TX. 

The weekend started off great with Mrs. Gorski conducting leadership training. After completing a DISC profile assessment, students learned how they each operate, and the implications to working effectively as a team. They participated in team-building activities and a ropes course. Mr. Marez talked about vision casting and Mr. Whitson led the students in worship on his guitar. Faculty and students shared their personal testimonies and life stories with openness. It was a great time of team bonding with God present throughout the retreat.

Students came away from the weekend with conviction to be bold on campus and take initiative in the spiritual development of their peers. They expressed a desire to create a culture at TWCA that encourages vulnerability and leaves room for growth as believers in Christ.

There were so many amazing takeaways from the GGG retreat, but one of my favorites was looking into the different leadership personalities, how they each have their own ideas and styles of leading, and how they each are unique and created intricately by God to be used for His glory.

- Rachel Smith

We all really need to be BOLD in our faith, and stick up for our faith. I look forward to seeing the spiritual development in the culture of TWCA.

- Raina Hummel

My biggest takeaway from the Godly Guys and Girls retreat was a new and deeper meaning to my Christian faith. Getting to brainstorm our mission statement really allowed me to see what it meant to be not only a member of Godly Guys, but what it truly meant to be a disciple of God.

- Luke DeLeon

The retreat was a special time for students as they began to take ownership of the club and their role as student leaders. We are so proud of how our students are developing into young, godly, men and women, and look forward to the ways they will lead our student body in spiritual growth.

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