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An Accredited Christian College Preparatory School | Pre-K - 12th Grade

Engineering and Physics Students Work as a Team in Challenger Expedition

Engineering and Physics students (grades 11 and 12) went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and participated in the Challenger Expedition. Students worked together as one large team with a common mission to land on the moon. Half of the students acted as Mission Control while the other half of students were in a simulated spaceship, the U.S.S. Legacy. Several issues arose onboard the ship and students had to respond quickly to prevent damage to the ship, power loss, and to keep the crew from running out of oxygen.

The team worked together troubleshooting and landed safely on the moon. The astronaut crew swapped places with Mission Control and the new astronauts headed to Mars on a different mission. The museum employees gave our students the adult mission challenges and were very impressed with how they handled themselves. We are so proud of our Warriors and how they are learning to collaborate, problem-solve and think on their feet!

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