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ACSI Math Olympics

ACSI Math Olympics
Melissa Kong
ACSI Math Olympics
ACSI Math Olympics

Students in 3rd - 8th grade participated in the annual ACSI Math Olympics. The first round took place in classrooms with the top three students in each category, per grade level, advancing to the Area competition. On Thursday, February 24th, students gathered in the Ruth Auditorium to compete in the Area competition. In total, there were 252 participants from seven schools, reaching as far and wide as Kansas, Kentucky and Ohio. Scores were compared to the other private schools to determine the top five winners for the Area competition.

Our students worked hard and earned 15 ribbons for 1st - 5th place winners, and 2 medals for 1st place winners who also received an 85% or higher. Congratulations, Warriors! You are raising the bar of academic excellence!


3rd Grade Computation

Luke Gonzalez—Area certificate and 2nd place ribbon

Jack Morton—Area certificate

McAdoo Sanders—Area certificate


3rd Grade Reasoning

Matthew Blank—Area certificate

Macie Petro—Area certificate

Nathan Yee—Area certificate



4th Grade Computation

Imisi Amodu—Area certificate and 2nd place ribbon

Sydney Blair Kitchens—Area certificate

John Brown—Area certificate


4th Grade Reasoning

David Sibley—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Henry van der Kloet—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Max Kitchens—Area certificate



5th Grade Computation

Elle Er—Area certificate

Samantha Demandante—Area certificate

Katie Harvill—Area certificate


5th Grade Reasoning

Zoke Anugwom—Area certificate

Huxley Howard—Area certificate

Celeste Priest—Area certificate



6th Grade Computation

Matthew McKenny—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Landon Head—Area certificate

Mattox French—Area certificate


6th Grade Reasoning

Allison Gonzales—Area certificate and 5th place ribbon

Luke Cathey—Area certificate

Ajay John—Area certificate



7th Grade Computation

Dylan Wise—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Elaina Trevathan—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Reagan Sberna—Area certificate


7th Grade Reasoning

Ryan Norus—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

Evan D’Etcheverry—Area certificate and 4th place ribbon

Travis Branch—Area certificate



8th Grade Computation

Liz Er—Area certificate and 1st place ribbon

Arielle Vuckovich—Area certificate and 2nd place ribbon

Elaina Formica—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon


8th Grade Reasoning

William Grace—Area certificate, 1st place ribbon, and 1st place medal

Bryce Johnson—Area certificate and 3rd place ribbon

William Stanosheck—Area certificate

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