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ACSI Area Math Olympics Results

ACSI Area Math Olympics Results
Melissa Kong
ACSI Area Math Olympics Results
ACSI Area Math Olympics Results

The Woodlands Christian Academy hosted the ACSI Area Math Olympics competition on Saturday, February 22. Two hundred and nine students participated, representing 15 schools, with 30 students from TWCA. Each student qualified for a Good, Excellent, or Superior ribbon in their category. There were also 1st-5th Place awards in each category.  Students who received 1st place and scored 85% or higher qualified for an ACSI Area Medal.

Our 3rd through 8th grade TWCA students received 7 Superior ribbons, 11 Excellent ribbons, and 12 Good ribbons. We also had two 1st place winners who additionally qualified to receive an ACSI Area Medal, two 4th place winners, and four 5th place winners. 


3rd Grade Computation:

Vanessa Anders—Good

Nyah Satterfield—Excellent

Kylie Schroeder—Good


3rd Grade Reasoning:

Zoke Anugwom—Excellent

Jake Thurlow—Superior; 5th Place

Khloe Willett—Good


4th Grade Computation:

Hadley Chamberlain—Good

Ajay John—Excellent; 5th Place

Matthew McKenny—Excellent


4th Grade Reasoning:

Jacob Alarid—Good

Mattox French—Superior; 5th Place


5th Grade Computation:

Layne Bautz—Superior; 4th Place

Kimberly Mallet—Excellent


5th Grade Reasoning:

Donovan Bowers—Excellent

Charline Janssens—Good

Elaina Trevathan—Superior; tied for 1st Place; Qualified for a Medal


6th Grade Computation:

Hunter Crawford—Excellent; 5th Place

Lizbeth Er—Excellent

Luke Horak—Excellent


6th Grade Reasoning:

Elaina Formica—Excellent

Bryce Johnson—Superior; 4th Place

Keira Schroeder—Superior


7th Grade Computation:

Alistair Cuevas—Superior; 1st Place; Qualified for a Medal

Knox Trevathan—Excellent


7th Grade Reasoning:

Marshall Anderson—Good

Duke Heise—Good

Jaedyn How—Good


8thGrade Reasoning:

Christiana Camarillo—Good

Matei Dumitru—Good

Elijah Hulett—Good

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