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7/8 Head of School Awards

7/8 Head of School Awards
Melissa Kong
7/8 Head of School Awards
7/8 Head of School Awards

Congratulations to our 7th and 8th graders who earned the Head of School Award! It is a huge honor and requires much dedication and hard work. The Head of School Award is given to students who meet the following criteria:

A cumulative grade average of 95 percent or higher in all core classes (Bible, English, Math, Science, and History) with no course grade below a 90 percent in both quads and no detentions.

7th Grade

Taylor Alarid

Marshall Anderson

Jocey Bizic

Emily Bonham

Addie Buck

Franco Cianflone

Alistair Cuevas

Jacob Ellis

Ash Fleenor

Caroline Fletcher

Ella Hardy

Duke Heise

Jaedyn How

Hudson Howard

Danielle Labbe

Marlow Grace Leahy

Grant Lusk

Ava Marcinkovich

Reese Muzny

Sarah Powell

Florence Shirley

Cora Smith

Lily Smith

Knox Trevathan

Gabe Turner

Thijs van Egmond

Emily Walton


8th Grade

Sarah Kate Chappelle

Christiana Camarillo

Matei Dumitru

Brittany Edone

Konnor Everhart

Cristian Grieco

Ellery Horak

Owen Jadlot

Michael McKenny

Whitney Tucker


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