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2022 Spelling Bee & Spell-Off Results

2022 Spelling Bee & Spell-Off Results
Melissa Kong
2022 Spelling Bee & Spell-Off Results
2022 Spelling Bee & Spell-Off Results

Congratulations to our students who participated in the TWCA Spelling Bee and Spell-Off! On April 13, students in grades 1-8 participated in the grade-level Spelling Bee. The top 6-7 spellers for each grade received an ACSI certificate and t-shirt. The top 4 spellers received a ribbon, and the top 3 spellers in 5th-8th grade advanced to the school-wide Spell-Off. After 15 rounds, two tiebreakers, using both the published and unpublished word lists, the group narrowed to identify the spelling champion. We are so proud of our Warriors! Congratulations on all your hard work.

Due to continued Covid restrictions, there will not be a District or Regional Spelling Bee this year.


TWCA Spell-Off Results:

1st Place—Samantha Demandante (5th grade)

2nd Place—Emilee Savage (7th grade)

3rd Place—Dylan Wise (7th grade)

4th Place—Audrey Levett (6th grade)

5th Place—William Atkinson (8th grade)


TWCA Spelling Bee Results:

1st Grade

1st Place—Eleanor Bevers

2nd Place—Mila Zachary

3rd Place—Jack Matthews

4th Place—Brooks Thomas

Participant—Aiden Scott

Participant—Ava Johnson


2nd Grade

1st Place—Liberty Williams

2nd Place—Ariya Sarvadi

3rd Place—Sadie Dunnavant

4th Place—Jack London

Participant—Catherine van der Kloet

Participant—Ezra Nath


3rd Grade

1st Place—Luke Gonzalez

2nd Place—Warren Perry

3rd Place—Zoe Zeng

4th Place—McAdoo Sanders

Participant—Avery Gibson

Participant— Macie Petro 


4th Grade

1st Place—Sydney Blair Kitchens

2nd Place—Imisi Amodu

3rd Place—Branson Gaille

4th Place—Hunter Smith

Participant—Zuri Thuo

Participant—Valentina Sanchez Saenz


5th Grade

1st Place—Morgan Cheatham

2nd Place—Elle Er 

3rd Place—Samantha Demandante

4th Place—Tate Torres

Participant—Elly Parker

Participant—James Atkinson


6th Grade

1st Place—Ajay John

2nd Place—Matthew McKenny

3rd Place—Audrey Levett

4th Place—Michael Atkinson

Participant—Chris Cox

Participant—Lauren Gonzales


7th Grade

1st Place—Emilee Savage

2nd Place—Annalyse LeBlanc

3rd Place—Dylan Wise

4th Place—Evan D'Etcheverry

Participant—Ella Barias

Participant—Sadie Marcotte



8th Grade

1st Place—Arielle Vuckovich

2nd Place—Charli Smith

3rd Place—William Atkinson

4th Place—Jackson Meacham

Participant—Nestor Martinez

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