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Car Line

TWCA car line

The Woodlands Christian Academy has been blessed with unprecedented growth, including current construction of a new high school. Growth means new faculty, new students, more vehicles, the need for additional parking, and creative new ways to get everyone safely and efficiently dropped off, picked up and parked – all great problems to have - and we need your help.

The academic and administrative teams have put their collective heads together to come up with the best overall plan for traffic flow and parking. It is not perfect - the fly overs and parking ramps did not make economic sense - but all viewpoints were considered, along with numerous options, changes, and solutions.

The new plan is not static, it will be reviewed periodically, and there will still be some lines and waiting, but safety was and is our first and foremost concern, followed by convenience and timing for both parents and students. With you and your student’s help, traffic will flow efficiently and safely.

Please study the new flow carefully as there have been direction changes, new drop off and pick up areas and new designated parking. Reserved parking, speed limits and cell phone usage will be strictly enforced. Infractions can lead to loss of driving and parking privileges, demerits, and other disciplinary actions as deemed necessary. We encourage everyone to follow the plan and rules for the safety of all.


The safety of students, parents, and visitors to The Woodlands Christian Academy campus is of utmost concern. All parties are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

1. Follow the Car Line Diagram for drop-off and pick-up.

a. Lower school students dropped off any time before 7:55 a.m. will be charged a flat fee for morning care.
b. Please note the exit lane for lower school car line and keep traffic flowing.
c. Middle and high school students should be dropped off in front of the NAC only, unless they have a lower school sibling - see d. Please keep the drop-off line and exit lane moving forward to avoid congestion.
d. Parents with lower school and either middle school and/or high school students may drop all students in the lower school car line only.
e. High school students picked up for appointments between 3:00 and 3:30, should be picked up in the church parking lot only (see blue arrows).
f. Student drivers may park only in the lots designated on the Car Line Diagram.

2. Do NOT block the intersection between the lower school and upper school buildings (in front of the flag poles). Parking is NOT allowed there at any time during car line.

3. Follow all traffic signs. The speed limit on campus is listed as 8 mph.

4. STOP for pedestrians at all times – they have the right of way!

5. All school parking lots and car lines are cell phone-free zones until the vehicle is parked.

6. Student drivers must register their vehicle by completing the Permission to Drive form posted on the TWCA website. Woodlands Christian mirror tags will be distributed for student vehicles.

7. Reserved spots include evenings, weekends, and summer months. Please do not park in these spots.

8. During sporting events, additional spots will be reserved for Warrior Boosters. All cars will be removed from these spots by 4:00 p.m.

Use of the Woodlands Christian or Crossroads Baptist Church parking lots is a privilege. Responsible driving is expected at all times. Drivers who repeatedly violate the rules may be subject to disciplinary consequences including dismissal or non-renewal of enrollment for future academic years.

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