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Grace Notes Piano Show

Good evening and Welcome! On behalf of the Fine Arts Department, I would like to say thank you for spending your evening with us and being a part of the TWCA family.

Tonight, we can celebrate the talents and abilities of the students as they share, through music, the importance of family. Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song. Looking around the room you can see many different families and each one is precious and important to the Lord.

Celebrating together is an act of family. I believe we can all agree that family is the single most important influence in a child’s life.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.   — Proverbs 22:6

Enjoy the show!

Phil Sweger
Director of Fine Arts

What to Do in the Theater

Basic Rules of Theater Etiquette - Theater Etiquette Begins Before You Arrive. Do you understand and realize how important it is for an audience to know and practice these rules?

Remember, a live theater performance can be very exciting. All of the people involved in the production, both cast and crew, work very hard to be sure they give a great performance. It is the job of the audience members to help the performers give their best performance possible.

The audience can do this by practicing the rules of theater etiquette:

  • Arrive to the theater on time.
  • Visit the restroom before the performance begins.
  • Turn off your cell phone or, if it must be on, put it on vibrate. Do not speak on the phone during the performance. If you must call the person back, do it outside or after the show has finished.
  • Pay attention to announcements that are made prior to many shows about the rules of the theater you are attending and the location of the fire exits.
  • Don't speak during the performance...whispering is still speaking.
  • Do not take pictures during the performance. It can be very distracting to the performers and can cause a mishap.
  • Remain in your seat for the entire performance. If you must leave, exit during intermission. In an emergency, wait for an appropriate break in the show. It is rude to get up in the middle of a quiet moment.
  • Do not eat or drink in the theater. If you must have a cough drop, or something of that nature, do not make noise with the wrapper.
  • Do not put your feet up on the seats and do not kick the seat in front of you.
  • Do applaud when it is appropriate during the performance.
  • Do applaud when the performance is over...this tells the performers that you appreciate their work.
  • Stand and applaud if you really thought the show was great.

Make each and every show you attend the best it can be, by doing your best to be a great audience member. Start with the next show you see, and spread the word to your family and friends


  • Moree Simon - Director and Music Theory Teacher (2015) 
Opening Effects 
  • Sound Masters - Wesley White, Ralenston Schnackenburg - 3rd grade - (all sound affects throughout the evening)   
  • “Kids Play” Heart and Soul - Cova Pelaez and Madison Woodgate - 3rd grade  
  • Techno Power Quartet - Cora Hitchcock, Liberty Williams, Matilda Scott, Sophy Flood - 3rd & 4th grade

  • Skilled piano player - Hudson Vander Voort-3rd grade

  • 2 Comedians (MC Trio) - John Roberts, Atticus Duvall - 4th grade
  • “Voice of Reason” (MC Trio) - Macie Petro - 4th grade
  • Prayer Warrior - Atticus Duvall - 4th grade
  • Prayer Music - Olivia Al Shamy - 1st  grade
Begin Piano Acts
  • Emma Jane Sanders - Melody - 2nd grade
  • Ace Wehr - Oh Worship the King - 2nd grade
  • Aiden Scott - Indian Dance - 2nd grade
  • Kaydence Gillis - You Are My All in All - 3rd grade
  • Kamiye Amodu - The Clown-2nd grade
  • Allyson Martinez - My Favorite Things - 4th grade
  • Eleanor Bevers and Alice Guiamaraes - Let It Go! - 2nd grade
MC Trio
  • Stated “3 Things”- To SEE, to LOVE, to FOLLOW
Continue Piano Acts
  • Grayson Moak - Lean On Me - 3rd grade
  • Ella Strong - Somebody You Love (modified lyrics) - 4th grade
  • Mila Zachary - La Candeur - 2nd grade
  • Maier Duvall - Astronomia - 2nd grade
  • Sabrina Howley - Star Wars Theme - 3rd grade
  • Jack Matthews - The Entertainer - 2nd grade
  • Camila Sosa - Minuet in G - 3rd grade
  • Rebekah Murphey(sings) - Amazing Grace-4th grade
MC Trio
Continue Piano Acts
  • Shane Jones - Nothing but the Blood of Jesus - 2nd grade
  • Sophy Flood - Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - 4th grade
  • Kalina Kuo-Memory - 4th grade
  • Matilda Scott - Halleluia - 4th grade
  • Ollie Petro - Centuries-2nd grade
  • “Brothers” - Hudson and Everett Vander Voort -  Feelings (modified lyrics) - 3rd and 1st grades
  • Sully Vegas - Fur Elise - 4th grade
MC Trio
Continue Piano Acts
  • Nathan Yee - Pacific Rim - 4th grade
  • Avery Gibson - God is in This Story - 4th Grade
  • Madeline Moore - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - 4th grade
  • McAdoo Sanders - Top Gun Theme - 4th grade
  • Natalie Yee - Turkish March - 3rd grade
MC Trio
Continue Piano Acts
  • Jack Morton and Matilda Scott  -Moment (original lyrics by Jack Morton) - 4th grade
  • “Kings”- Luke Gonzalez (keyboard and sings), Caleb Dean (sings), Jacob Wheeler (drums and sings) - He Will Rock You (modified Lyrics) - 4th grade
Closing Prayer Song
  • Emily Flood - God is So Good - 1st grade
Curtain Call
  • Theme Song “Day by Day”
    • Soloists - Bekah Murphey, Hudson Vander Voort, Avery Gibson, Matilda Scott, Ella Strong
  • Piano Show Choir - Everyone in the show - Moree Simon

Statement From the Director

I continue to be amazed at your children and the bright lights inside! With Holy Spirit determination, they discover confidence, articulate thoughts, and present God’s creativity, displaying both; what they strive for, and believe in.  Whether it is academically reciting a challenging piece of music, synthesizing a song into their own arrangement, or creating sounds in their own understanding! I am blessed with immeasurable joy to facilitate THEIR creativity and to share in THEIR ideas, plans, challenges, failures, successes, and celebrations. Their journeys will forever be the precious pieces that make up the contents of my heart! Thank you, parents, for this time with your beautiful children-pure gifts from God! They give me hope for our future!

Special Thanks To:
  • Jesus Christ-Our Lord and Savior- Grace, Blessings, and Opportunities
  • All Parents who teach and live out God’s design for family!
  • Permissions - Phil Sweger - Fine Arts Director
  • Event Support and Encouragement - Lisa Wilkinson 
  • Sound Booth - John Michael Berger - A/V director, rap sessions
  • Videos - Palvin Williams - HS video class
  • Piano Artwork - Mrs. Nguyen-Art Class
  • Promotion image - Michael Fonville - Marketing
  • Photos 8x10 - Kaylah Hubbard - Marketing
  • T-shirt design - Moree Simon
  • T-shirt service - Ink and Thread-Thanks Connie
Super Helpers: 
  • Nikki Drake - My Everything Girl! - Thank You!!
  • Matthew Blank - Handy Show Assistant - 4th grade
  • Laura Vander Voort - Visionary, stage decor, assistant to the director 
  • Laura Wheeler- Stage décor, production and special lighting
  • Krystal Scott - Stage mom, show helper
  • Holly Gibson - Stage mom, show helper
  • Stephanie Hitchcock - Stage mom, show helper

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