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Fine Arts Extravaganza


Thank you for joining us tonight to celebrate the hard work of our Fine Arts teachers and students this school year. This is an exciting evening where we get to share with you the progress that our performers and artists have made since the beginning of the year. It is rewarding to watch the talents and abilities of our students increase. Tonight, our hope is that you will be blessed by the art displays, music, dance, and theatre performances. Rejoice and celebrate with us in the accomplishments of the TWCA Fine Arts students. Below you will see a list of students that are performing, lists of their works and a schedule for the evening. Feel free to come and go as you have students participating in the various groups. Again, thank you for your support of the TWCA Fine Arts this school year. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Phil Sweger Director of Fine Arts

Extravaganza Schedule

4-9pm: Lower School, Middle School, and High School Art available for viewing — Micah

4-5pm: Lower School Piano  —  Micah 3rd Floor Lobby

4-5pm: MS/HS Dance, Improv, and Seussical  — Ruth Auditorium

4:30-5pm: Broadcasting —  Micah 3rd Floor Broadcasting Room

5-6pm: HS VOCE  — Micah 2nd Floor Lobby

5-6pm: Lower School Musical Danny and the Shacks — Ruth Auditorium

5:30-6pm: Broadcasting — Micah 3rd Floor Broadcasting Room

6-7pm: Lower School Piano — Micah 3rd Floor Lobby

6-7pm: MS VOCE — Ruth Auditorium

7-8pm: Warrior Bands — Ruth Auditorium

8-9pm: Lower School, Middle School, and High School Art available for viewing — Micah

Visual Arts: 4-9 pm - Micah

Join us in celebrating His glory and beauty by taking a journey through TWCA’s student artwork in the Micah building. From an array of creative studies courses we feature multiple projects and work from artists, grade levels K-12th. Sculptures, slideshows, and demonstration stations will be on the 3rd floor. Videos and motion graphics from broadcasting and animation projects will be available for viewing on monitors throughout. Allow each step to bring you joy as we kick off this year’s Fine Arts Extravaganza!

Lower School Piano Show

1st and 3rd Grade show is 4:00-4:40pm

2nd and 4th Grade show is 6:00-6:40pm

Welcome to the “Be Bold Piano Show” featuring FIRST TIME performers in a piano project!!

We are SO proud of these students who have been quietly watching others all year. And now with (Holy) DETERMINATION and COURAGE they will present their special act for you, either on their own, or with the help of friends! Please join us as we celebrate their vision and determination!

Dance: 4-5pm - Ruth

“Johnny B. Goode”

Dancers: Caroline Benton, Morgan Cheatham, Alexis Conner, Lily Morton, Kylie O’Laughlin, Natalie Pirone, Bella Rowe, Adelle Sanchez, Railey Sanders, Alexis Schuler, Avery Segura, and Lilly Vander Voort

“We’re In the Money”

Dancers: Aliyah Allison, Pailey Chapman, Gabby Cruz, Ellie D’Souza, Hannah Glaccum, Kate Jadlot, and Anna Levett

“As For Me” 

Dancers: Emmy Gonzalez, Audrey Levett, Anna Massingill, Bella McNair, Blake Page, Lila Ann Richards, Reagan Sberna, Charlotte Smith, Kate Sullivan, Ada Sweger 


Dancers: Alexa Perez de Arenaza, Mercer Ruffner, Emma Sweger, Bekah Sweger

“Both Reached”

Dancers: Danielle Browning, Madison Edone, and Kaitlyn Olson 


Improv: 4-5pm - Ruth

Improve Team

Kaitlyn Olson
Danielle Browning
Cassidy Perdue
Alexis Schuler
Morgan Cheatham 
Sophia Fite
Danielle Smith
Bella McNair

Huxley Howard
Charlotte Smith
Audrey Levett
Eli Cabanas 
Dylan Wise
Blake Hollas
Emmy Gonzalez
Dylan Seeger

Hanna Semple
Alison Chandler
Avery Derr
Analexa Moody
Ryan Norus
Caden Chapman 
Hayden Brossard

Additional Improv Performances

5:00pm — Boogie Bear Skit (First Show) in the grass section between Ruth and NAC.

Lauren Gonzales
Gabe Hernandez
Bella Rowe
Charlotte Smith
Audrey Levett  

5:20pm — Tooth Fairy and Fairy Godmother Monologue 3rd Floor Lobby

Mya Kember
Audrey Levett
Charlotte Smith

5:30pm — Boogie Bear Skit (Second Show) in the grass section between Ruth and NAC.

Lauren Gonzales
Gabe Hernandez
Bella Rowe
Charlotte Smith
Audrey Levett

6:45pm — Boogie Bear Skit (Third Show) in the grass section between Ruth and NAC.

Lauren Gonzales
Gabe Hernandez
Bella Rowe
Charlotte Smith
Audrey Levett

Lower School Musical: 5-6 pm - Ruth


“Danny and the Shacks”
“Babylon Strong”
“Faith Believes the Impossible”

  • Soloists – Carmen Campos, Hannah Sanders, Sophy Flood, Hope Millington

“Bow Down”
“Too Hot”

  • Soloists – Liberty Williams, Macie Petro, Ella Strong, Sadie Dunnavant

“Narrator Update”
“The Lions’ Lament”

  • Soloists – Adele Levett, Christiana Mills, Sabrina Howley

“I Will Stand”

Cast List

Danny – Hudson Vander Voort                                  
King Neb – Jacob Wheeler                                       
King Darius – Rhett Perry                             
Shack 1 – Nathan Yee                                               
Shack 2 – Logan Johnson                                
Shack 3 – Henry Sweger                                  
Helga – Eleanor Azios
Babs – Rebekah Murphy
Bebe – Kalina Kuo
Bette – Avery Gibson
Bernadette – Matilda Scott
Workout Girl 1 – Jaelyn Nguyen
Workout Girl 2 – Cora Hitchcock
Workout Girl 3 – Kaydence Gillis

Melody – Natalie Yee
Harmony – Katherine van der Kloet
Mimi – Abigail Chandler
Announcer – Ezra Nath
Rico – Ethan Gibson
Fourth in the Fire – Sophy Flood

Babylonian Warriors - 

  • Ralenston Schnakenburg
  • John Roberts
  • Alejandro Alcala
  • Emiliano Velez

Lioness soloist – Callie Campos
Lionesses –

  • Hope Milington
  • Adele Levett
  • Liberty Williams
  • Macie Petro
  • Sabrina Howley
  • Hannah Sanders
  • Christiana Mills
  • Ella Strong
  • Sadie Dunnavant

Fire Dancers –

  • Dani Van Pelt
  • Camila Sosa
  • Madison Woodgate
  • Cova Pelaez  
  • Ella Scanteni
  • Manuela Sousa Nunes
  • Ashley Pirone
  • Elizabeth Hansz

Soloist – Carmen Campos
Golden Statue – Jack Morton


High School VOce: 5-6pm - 2nd Floor Micah

Anything You Can Do
Like Me
Awake and Alive
The Coffee Song
Blue Skies
Fly Me to the Moon
Fallin For Ya
I’d Rather Be Me

Middle School VOCE: 6-7pm - Ruth Auditorium

Ladies: The Champion
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Gold: Yellow Submarine (on Kazoos)
I’m Still Standing
Gold: We Go Together
Home Sweet Home
Guys: Blue Suede Shoes
You Will Be Found

Warrior Band: 7-8 pm - Ruth

Philip Sweger - Director

Alfredo Vélez - Assistant Director

 5th and 6th Grade

"The Forge" by Christina Huss
"Starsplitter Fanfare" by Brian Balmages
"Furioso" by Robert W. Smith
"To the Clouds" by Ray Flores

Flute - Kate Sullivan, Alexa Everson, Chase Oliver

Clarinet - Hudson Perry, Blake Page

Alto Saxophone - Zoke Anugwom, Huxley Howard, Samantha Demandante, Tanner Sanchez

Trumpet - Roman Gallucci, Matthew Wheeler

Trombone - Ada Sweger

Percussion - James Atkinson, Katie Harvill, Van O’Brien, Luca Scateni, Tristan Terpstra

7th - 12th Grade

"Liberty Bell March" by John Philip Sousa arr. Story

"On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss" by David Holsinger

"Salvation" by Robert W. Smith

"How to Train Your Dragon" arr. Sean O’Loughlin

"In the Mood" arr. Paul Murtha

"All Wound Up" by Matthew Curly


Kailyn Head
Presley Payne
Carlyn Smith


Cole Sharron


Oge Anugwom
Emily Bonham
Haley Connor
Gabriel Demandante
Madi London

Alto Saxophone

Calin Dumitru
Donovan Bowers
Allison Gonzales
Ryan Norus

Tenor Sax

Travis Branch
Rachel Smith

Baritone Saxophone

Caden Chapman

Bass Clarinet

Liam Young


Conrad Dickman
Roberto Santos

French Horn

Emma Sweger


Tobe Anugwom
Jackson Meacham


Evan D’Etchevery
James Sweger


Lane Broussard
Cameron Cox
Christopher Cox
Hudson Howard
Taylor Makiya
Kyle Marble
Martha Rivera
Sofia Wieczynski
Dylan Wise