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Good evening and welcome to TWCA’s performance of Annie! You are in for a real treat as you watch the students perform this classic story. Annie is a story of hope and new life. Despite unfavorable circumstances, roadblocks, and selfish people, Annie maintains hope that she will find her parents and she will have all that she needs. It is easy to become dismayed and feel like giving up but have hope. I am reminded of this verse in Romans:“Not only that, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.” - Romans 5:3-5

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

  - Phil Sweger
    Fine Arts Director

Based on the popular comic strip, Annie tells the extraordinary story of a little orphan who spends ends up in the lap of luxury with Depression-era billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Unlike most of the other children at Miss Hannigan's orphanage, spunky Annie believes that her parents are still alive and will one day return to claim her. So when Mr. Warbucks offers to adopt her, she asks the most powerful man in America to help find her real mom and dad instead, and he agrees. Warbucks' whopping reward for Annie's parents attracts the attention of con artists Rooster, Lily and the wicked Miss Hannigan, who hatch a plot to kidnap Annie and take the $50,000 reward. But don't fret: This classic family musical has a happy ending for Annie, Daddy Warbucks and the whole gang.

From the cast, Directors, and crew, we are so excited that you have decided to join us this evening. We hope you enjoy the show! 

  - Palvin Williams, Director

What to Do in the Theater

A live performance is a unique experience shared between performers and the audience. Unlike television or movies, the actors on stage can hear noise from the audience. So, as a courtesy to the performers and the others around you, please review the following information with your class and chaperones before attending a performance.

  • Do not bring any food, drink, candy or gum with you into the theatre.
  • Walk in the theatre and use the railings as you are using the stairs.
  • Once you are in your seat, you may talk quietly until the performance begins.
  • Keep your feet off the seats and do not step over seat backs.
  • Photography, video recording and audio recording are not allowed in the theater
  • When the lights dim for the performance to begin, stop talking, turn your attention to the stage and enjoy the show.
  • Stay in your seat during the performance.
  • During the performance listen and watch closely. A live performance is not a video that you can rewind if you miss something.
  • At the end of the performance, thank the performers by applauding. In return, they will thank you with a bow as you applaud.
  • As you exit the theatre, remember to walk and stay with your group.

Scenes & Musical Numbers

Act One

1. Orphanage
  • Maybe
  • Annie’s Escape
  • Hard Knock Life
  • Hard Knock Life Reprise
2. Streets of New York
  • Tomorrow
3. Shanty town of Jerry built Shacks underneath the 59th Street Bridge
  • Hooverville
4. Orphanage
  • Little Girls
5. Warbucks Mansion
  • I Think I'm Going to Like it Here
6. Streets of New York
  • NYC
7. Orphanage
  • Easy Street
8. Warbucks Mansion
  • Intro Warbucks Mansion


Act Two

1. NBC Radio Studio
  • Bert Healy
  • Fully Dressed
2. Orphanage
  • Fully Dressed (Children)
  • Easy Street Reprise
3. White House
  • Cabinet Tomorrow
4. Warbucks Mansion
  • Something was Missing
  • I Don't Need Anything But You
  • Same Effect on Everyone
5. Warbucks Mansion
  • New Deal for Christmas

Creative Team

Directors — Susie King and Palvin Williams
Choreographer — Kirstin Stewart
Music Director — Midge Smith
Orchestra Director — Phil Sweger
Tech Director — John-Michael Berger

Cast & Crew

Annie Cast List

Annie — Sadie Marcotte
Tessie — Valerie Paris
Molly — Alison Chandler
Pepper — Avery Derr
Duffy — Presley Payne
Kate — Avery Segura
July — Emilee Savage
Warbucks — Jacob Rios
Grace — Katie Wise
Hannigan — Kaitlyn Olson
Lily — Raina Hummel
Rooster — Michael Mitchener
Bert Healy — Dylan Wise
Pres.  Roosevelt — Marshall Anderson
Louis Howe — Liam Goudie
Boylen Sisters — Dani Browning, Katie Melber, Emma Sweger
Bundles — Ryan Norus
Police Officer — Evan D’Etcheverry
Apple Seller — James Sweger
Dog Catcher — Marshall Anderson
Assistant Dog Catcher — Caden Chapman
Star To Be — Emilee Savage            
Radio Announcers — Jackson Meacham, Ryan Norus

Orphan Ensemble

Grace Mills
Olivia Verfurth
Laurin Reed
Anna Massingill
Lauren Gonzales
Emmy Gonzalez
Madeleine LeJeune
Madison Edone

Adult Ensemble

Cecille   —   Katie Melber
Annette   —   Emma Sweger
Mrs. Greer   —   Cassidy Perdue
Drake  — Caden Chapman
Mrs. Pugh  — Dani Browning 
Evan D’Etcheverry
Lily Smith
Madison Edone
Natalie Moore
Laurin Reed
James Sweger
Anna Massingill
Dani Browning
Caden Chapman
Ryan Norus
Dylan Wise
Hanna Semple
Liam Goudie


Man 1 — Caden Chapman
Man 2 — Katie Melber
Man 3 — Ryan Norus
Man 4 — Madison Edone
Woman 1 — Emmy Gonzalez
Woman 2 — Lauren Gonzales
Woman 3, 4 — Emma Sweger
Sophie — Anna Massingill
Man With Papers — Dylan Wise
Adult Ensemble

Roosevelt's Cabinet 

Kaltenborn (Announcer) — Jackson Meacham
Ickes — Anna Massingill
Morgamthau — Evan D’Etcheverry
Hull — James Sweger
Perkins — Dylan Wise
Howe — Liam Goudie

Student Production Team

Dance Captain — Dani Browning
Stage Manager — Ellen Watt
Stage Crew — Kendall Carlton
Lights — Lily D’Souza and Kendall Carlton
Sound, Microphones — Rebekah Sweger
Props — Shannon Sipsma
Curtains — Donovan Bowers

Set Design Team

Renee Crawford
Beth Chrétien
Grace Nguyen

Annie Orchestra

# Phil Sweger — Director
# Midge Smith — Music Director/Keys
# Tom Broughton — Keys
Violin — Zelda Gray
Cello — Jesse Serpas
Doug Wright — Reed 1
Aaron Martinez — Reed 2
Scott Plugge — Reed 3
+ Rachel Smith — Tenor Sax
Nick Engle — Trumpet
Paul Garza — Trombone
# Eric Wietstruck — Trombone
Luke Cipriano — Guitar
Nathan Mays — Bass
# Drumset — Luke Holt
Percussion — Garret Reebenaker

+ Denotes TWCA Student
# Denotes TWCA Faculty


TWCA Administration & Fine Arts Faculty

Julie Ambler - Head of School

Stephen Clark - High School Principal

John Crowley - Assistant Middle School Principal

Philip Sweger - Director of Fine Arts, Band Director

John Michael Berger – Audio Visual Coordinator

Elizabeth Crètien – MS/HS Photography & Graphic Design Instructor

Renee Crawford – MS/HS Art Instructor

Luke Holt – Percussion Instructor

Susan King – MS/HS Theatre, Debate Instructor

Grace Nguyen – LS Art Instructor

Connie Richardson – LS Musical Theatre & Dance Instructor

Moree Simon – LS Music Theory & Piano Instructor

Midge Smith – MS/HS Choir Director

Kirstin Stewart – MS/HS Dance Instructor

Alfredo Vélez – Assistant Band Director

Lisa Wilkinson – Fine Arts Administrative Assistant

Palvin Williams – MS/HS Theatre, Broadcasting Instructor

Special Thanks

Rene Crawford, Beth Chretien, Grace Nguyen – Designing & Painting Sets
Becky Wise, Ken Wise, Leslie Dealba, Celani Marcotte, Katrina Savage, and Miledy Paris - Lobby Decorations
Fine Arts Parents
Julie Ambler - Head of School
Stephen Clark - High School Principal
John Crowley - Middle School Assistant Principal

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