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Fine Arts Events & Programs

We are excited to present these digital programs. Feel free to view or print for your records. 

   Click on the image to download and view the digital playbill.

Please take note of our health and safety guidelines which are posted in the Ruth Auditorium. Thank you for your support of our Fine Arts Program and we hope you enjoy the show!


2021 - 2022 Productions

(Click Image to Open Digital Program)

(Click image for Digital Program)

(Click Image For Digital Program)

(Click image to open the Digital Program)

Lower School Christmas Musical performance flyer
TWCA Band & Choir A Christmas Celebration

(Click image to open digital program)

(Click the image to open the digital program)



Past Productions

First page of the PDF file: TWCA_The_Mustard_Seed_Issue-04_April-2021

(Click on image to open program)

First page of the PDF file: TWCA_AJourneyThroughBroadway_Program

(Click on image to open digital playbill)


(Click on the image to open digital playbill)