Visual Arts

Lower School

The Woodlands Christian Academy lower school art program enables students to:

  • appreciate and confidently use their God-given gift of creativity
  • recognize the language of visual expression through the elements of art and principles of design
  • explore various media, such as charcoal, pencil, paint, paper, fibers, clay and metal
  • develop skills in drawing, painting, printing, collage, weaving and sculpture
  • understand how art supports other academic areas and relates to real-world professions

Lower school art students participate in:

  • ACSI and area art competitions
  • annual Student Art Show
  • creation of class items for Woodlands Christian Gala & Auction
  • student-made art cards
  • community service

Middle School

Middle school art teaches the essential concepts and skills of art through the exploration of a wide range of media and techniques. Students rely on their perceptions of the environment, developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences, as a source for creating artwork. Art in a variety of styles, historical periods, and diverse cultural traditions is studied to equip students to respond to and analyze artwork, thus contributing to the development of lifelong skills and an appreciation of both art itself and the creative God who makes art possible.

High School

A variety of art classes are offered in high school. Beginning with Art 1 through AP Studio Art.

Studio experiences in the classroom will give students opportunities to experience a variety of media including pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, woodworking, fiber arts, ceramics, sculpture, etc. Advanced art students pursue a personalized course of study in their chosen area of interest and build a personal portfolio.

AP Studio Art students create a portfolio of work to demonstrate the artistic skills and ideas they have developed, refined, and applied over the course of the year to produce visual compositions.

Students participate in local and statewide art competitions and student work if often placed on public display.


George Bush Library Competition

First Place, Drawing 9th – 12th grade; Senior Randell Miller for her pen and ink drawing. Titled “Charlston"
Third Place, Drawing 9th – 12th grade; Junior Layneth Iovino for her pen and ink drawing entitled “Campfire"
Fifth grader Sarah Chapelle; Honorable Mention for her full color drawing titled “Riding Away”

ACSI Competition

First Place
Juhui Cheon, 9th grade Drawing – Color “Prayer Bench"
Juhui Cheon, 9th grade Printmaking "Dive Toward the Sun"
Aubrey Hollas, 8th grade Fiber Art “Little Red House”
Jake Melber, 7th grade Graphic Design “The Edge of the Universe”
Whitney Tucker, 5th grade Miscellaneous Art “The Dove Messenger”

Second Place
Thea Coehlo, 12th grade Digital Photography ”Child Marriage”
Katherine Milian, 11th grade Painting “The Rising Son”
Reese Muzney, 4the grade Sculpture 3D “Saint Peter’s Fish”
Lizbeth Ur, 3rd grade Sculpture 3D “My Smurf Egg Nest”

Third Place
Mariska Coehlo, 9th grade Mixed Media “Shews”
Conner Davis, 9th grade Drawing B&W “Walking Through the Underpass”

Montgomery County Dispute Resolution Center Third Annual Conflict Resolution Day Bookmark Competition

Lizbeth Er, 1st Place
Bella Orr, 3rd Place
Jaedyn How, Special Recognition