Performing Arts


Students can join band beginning in 5th grade. The middle school band is comprised of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who have been playing their instruments for one to three years. The Middle School Intermediate Band meets every day, participates in quarterly concerts and goes on a yearly band trip to compete with other schools.

The high school band ensembles play a variety of both concert band and jazz repertoire. Each member plays a vital role in this ensemble, as each student has a unique and independent part. The High School Wind and Jazz Ensemble participate in quarterly concerts, Pep Band plays at the high school football games, school events, and travels to compete on a yearly band trip.


TWCA choir

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Choir is available as an elective in middle school.


Lower school students have the opportunity to participate in the ACSI Speech Meet each spring. Students select a literary piece and work with teachers to learn presentation techniques. Grade level winners can progress to advanced levels of competition at the area and regional ACSI meets.

Middle school students in 8th grade can elect to take speech class, potentially earning high school credit for the course. The primary purpose of this one semester course is to teach students to speak clearly and precisely in front of a group.

High school students learn to debate following the Lincoln-Douglas model. Debates center around abstract concepts, standards of behavior, and competing visions of what kind of world we should strive to create. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Debate Competitions. Speech/Debate I and II are offered in high school.

Music Theory

Music Theory is an exciting part of our lower and middle school Fine Arts curriculum. Students in 1st - 4th grades learn basic piano skills at individual keyboard stations and a teacher directed iPad program. Students are able to connect to the iPad program from home for additional practice, and work at an individual pace, building on their experience each year. Middle school students in 5th and 6th grade also have the opportunity to take a semester long course.

Music theory students perform at school events throughout the school year. The vocabulary, knowledge and skills that are learned in Music Theory are easily transferred to more advanced music classes, such as band and choir, as students progress into middle and high school.


The Lower school Musical Theatre program exposes students to a variety of spiritual truths through music, drama and dance. Students are given the opportunity to explore their creative interests and talents in class and every lower school student performs in the Christmas and Spring musical productions.

Middle school Theatre Arts is an elective and is an introduction to drama incorporated with music and movement education. This course focuses on building confidence, enhancing personal character and nurturing talent. Theatre challenges students to step outside their comfort zone and reach for maximum potential. Students develop self-confidence through guided opportunity in voice realization and presentation, and learn to appreciate drama through the study of style and history. In addition to various performance curriculum, the middle school department produces a musical each semester.

High school Theatre provides students the opportunity to explore pantomime, impromptu acting scenes, skits, monologues, duet-acting scenes, read plays, and write some of their own material. There are opportunities to learn about costuming, make-up, props, and set design as they participate in an end of semester play.