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Statement of Faith

Because The Woodlands Christian Academy is an institution founded by the direction of Christ Jesus, and because the commitment of The Woodlands Christian Academy is to remain always faithful to Him, the following truths are to be held in continual agreement by all persons involved with Woodlands Christian:

1. We believe in the Trinity: God eternally exists in three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—and these three are one God, having precisely the same nature, attributes, and perfection.

2. We believe in the full deity and humanity of Christ: we believe that Jesus Christ is both God and man. Although He is fully God, He was born of a virgin and lived a perfect sinless life as a man.

3. We believe in the spiritual lostness of the human race: all men have sinned and have separated themselves from God by their sin.

4. We believe in the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ: Christ’s death on the Cross paid the penalty for sin and removed humanity’s separation from God. Christ physically rose from the dead and is now at the right hand of the Father making intercession for all who trust in Him.

5. We believe in salvation by faith alone in Christ alone: salvation is a gift of God to all who trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe that at the time of salvation, the Holy Spirit indwells the believer.

6. We believe in the physical return of Christ: Jesus Christ will one day return in power and glory; the believer will be united with Christ to live eternally in His presence, while the unbeliever will be eternally separated from God.

7. We believe in the authority and inerrancy of Scripture: the Bible is the only inspired word of God and is inerrant by His design.

Mission Statement
The Woodlands Christian Academy is an independent, Christ-centered college preparatory school that integrates learning with Biblical faith and spiritual growth, and challenges students to reach their highest potential – intellectually, creatively, physically and socially – for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

At the Woodlands Christian Academy, we equip servant leaders to impact their world and eternity for Jesus Christ.


Global Ends

The Woodlands Christian Academy exists to graduate Christ-centered students inspired to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives as leaders – spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically and socially.

Philosophy of Education