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The program’s mission is to cultivate student leaders who will share the Warrior experience with prospective students, families, and community members while also serving at special events on campus. Student ambassadors apply for this opportunity and those accepted serve for the duration of the school year.

Middle School Ambassadors

Our middle school ambassador team is full of energetic and TWCA loving students. Ambassadors welcome and host potential new students, join tours of the middle school, and volunteer at school events. Our hope is that students will continue in the ambassador program throughout upper school to sharpen their communication skills and practice hospitality for their community.

Middle School Warrior Ambassadors

Mighty Warrior Ambassadors (Lower School)

God can ask BIG things of small people! The Mighty Warriors is a brand new lower school ambassador program designed to equip our littlest Warriors to be servant leaders. Our hope is to teach leadership skills and principles so that lower school students grow up walking The Warrior Way. Mighty Warriors will be joining tours and hosting potential new students on campus as part of their Mighty Warrior/ambassador role.

Mighty Warrior Ambassadors