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All-Inclusive Tuition

Tuition as well as the majority of fees and costs are consolidated into one all-inclusive tuition amount for each grade level. 

Items and costs that are personal in nature will continue to be the financial responsibility of each family. These costs include but are not limited to school uniforms, lunch, mission trips, athletic fees, camps, band or music fees and/or equipment rental, extended care, ACE fees, and Warrior Boosters dues or donations, as well as other individual miscellaneous fees and charges.

The Woodlands Christian Academy uses a continuous enrollment program similar to that of colleges and universities. Rather than annual re-enrollment, Woodlands Christian provides one continuous enrollment contract which automatically renews annually until graduation, or until your family opts out. Further information regarding continuous enrollment may be found here.

Financial Assistance

Woodlands Christian has a limited amount of funds available for partial tuition assistance based upon financial need. Financial assistance is awarded confidentially. For questions regarding the financial assistance application process, please contact our Business Office.

As available, financial assistance will be considered for new families who apply for assistance following completed enrollment application and acceptance to Woodlands Christian.

Financial assistance is NOT available for students enrolling in PreK and Kindergarten.

2021-2022 Tuition Rates (One-Time Payment)
LS Tuition Rates
Grade Tuition
PK $17,250
K $17,250
1 $20,500
2 $21,750
3 $21,750






MS Tuition Rates
Grade Tuition
5 $23,900
6 $23,900
7 $26,900
8 $26,900




HS Tuition Rates
Grade Tuition
9 $29,500
10 $28,750
11 $28,750
12 $28,750




The rates listed apply when tuition is paid in full. Payment plans will incur an additional $500 charge. Please contact the Business Office for more information.

Tuition rates are subject to change in future years.

Additional Fees

One-time New Student Registration:

$1,000 students in K-9th

$2,500 students in grade 10th-12th (includes technology and graduation fees)