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Student Travel

Learning Beyond the Walls

Textbooks, lectures and classroom activities can only teach students so much. Learning comes alive in a well planned field trip, horizons are broadened, relationships deepen and experiences are retained.

Lower, middle and high school students enjoy several field trips relevant to curriculum, and travel for academic and

athletic competitions throughout the school year. Middle and high school students participate in class trips each spring. High school students also have the opportunity to go on retreats and mission trips.

Warriors, visit the student/parent portal for registration and detailed trip information.


8th Grade – Washington DC

7th Grade – Tour of Texas Austin / San Antonio

5/6th Grade – Highland Lakes Camp near Austin



9th Grade - Grand Canyon

Dates: Sunday, March 5th - Thursday, March 9th

10th Grade - Boston/New York

Dates: Sunday, March 5th - Friday, March 10th

11th Grade - Disney/Universal 

Dates: Sunday, March 5th - Thursday, March 9th

12th Grade - London or New York

Dates: Coming soon