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Middle School (5th-8th)

Educational Philosophy

The mantra for our middle school is Joy and Excellence. Our desire for our students and staff is two-fold. First, we live in a state of joy because of what Jesus has done for us, and second, we operate with excellence, in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, fine arts venue, athletic forum, STEAM lab, and in our community, out of obedience to Jesus. As these attitudes take root in our middle school, they will continue to challenge, encourage, and grow our students spiritually, physically, academically, socially, and creatively. 

2022-2023 MS Class First Day

What is the house system?  

The middle school house system is comprised of 5 different houses. Each middle school student will be randomly sorted into a house in which they will remain for their middle school tenure. In their house, students will attend house meetings, experience leadership opportunities, and compete against the other houses to earn the right to be crowned “House Champion.” 

Why do WE USE a house system In middle School? 

First, we want the principles of a Christ-centered life at the forefront of everything that we do. Houses provide us the opportunity to model how we live as a body of believers with everyone having different gifts and strengths. Each house identifies traits that we desire to see in every student, with each student having the opportunity to identify how the principle of their house impacts their walk with Jesus.  

Second, we want a middle school culture that promotes unity and a sense of belonging amongst students. Our goal is to develop a God-honoring community while training future leaders. 

Middle School Houses

 Each shield is crowned by The Warrior to unite The Middle School TWCA House System, and serve as a reminder of how all houses are bound together. Displayed in the center of each shield are Christian characteristics and a banner with the pairing verse. The central position reflects the Christ-centered lives we lead. The shield is protected by the house animal as a reminder how we defend and rely on our faith, thus completing the House Coat of Arms.

The shield is held in the protection of the lion. The tree trunk and leaves are described in Jeremiah 17:7-8 with an emphasis on the thick roots, that communicate strength in Christianity and embody being rooted in Jesus.

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The shield is guarded by the wolf, who intentionally secures the frame. The puzzle pieces represent feeling complete through growth, discipling, and learning. The two flags represent levels of leadership, as they sit firmly on a mountain.

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The shield is lifted by the bee, a representation of work and service. The axes represent tools and devotion for service to Him. The honeycombs provide a reminder that we are fed and fulfilled by His love and His purpose. The bee stinger is a part of the shield to show gratitude for the God-given tools we were blessed with.

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The owl wings tightly wrap the shield. The book inside the shield is the Bible. It is shown open wide to represent enlightenment of truth and opening to the Holy Trinity knot floating above.  

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The bowerbird is positioned at the bottom of the shield to breathe into a flame that rests in his nest, his home. The flame is a visual to encourage and excite, serving as a reminder that His breath is in us, and we will glorify Him with our light.  

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