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Distinguished Honors Program

The Distinguished Honors Program (DHP) is selective and designed to provide an opportunity for our most highly competent students to demonstrate their excellence. Qualified students who fulfill the prerequisites will be invited to complete an application and interview at the conclusion of their sophomore year.

Excellence spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically and socially is the trademark of a Woodlands Christian Academy education. The DHP will place emphasis on:

1. Defined educational experiences, rigorous and broad in nature (including cultural events).
2. Academic attainment that is clearly and effectively articulated, and applicable to the issues of the day.
3. Initiative, including self-management and direction, combined with teamwork.
4. The development of servant leadership.

Taking full advantage of the Distinguished Honors Program at Woodlands Christian signals to colleges that students are not only serious about their studies but also demonstrate the maturity and readiness to challenge themselves in advanced and/or honors college programs.

The Honors designation on the graduation diploma will indicate broad scholastic attainment. It will signify performance marked by individual initiative, creative ability, keen intellectual insight, and excellence in oral and written expression.

All costs associated with the Distinguished Honors Program are the responsibility of the student/parent.

Scholarships are available to students with demonstrated need, to help defer the cost of the activities associated with the program.

All program decisions are at the discretion of the Honors Committee.

Program Outline

First page of the PDF file: Honorsquickreference-updated

Distinguished Honors Program (PDF)
Program Outline (PDF)
Required Reading (PDF)

Critical Book Review (PDF)
Book Review Digital Presentation Rubric (PDF)
Book Review Oral Presentation Rubric (PDF)