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Dual Language Spanish Immersion

The Woodlands Christian Academy Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program

Fall 2022-2023

The Woodlands Christian Academy is pleased to announce the addition of a Spanish Immersion Program for the 2022-2023 school year. Woodlands Christian has partnered with addalingua, an organization that works with schools to provide a dual language immersion program that prepares students for academic and linguistic success in two languages.

What is Spanish Immersion?

  • A proven method of educating English speaking students in an instructional setting that allows them to acquire a second language through full-day Spanish instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science.
  • Spanish is taught naturally, through daily classroom activities that meet the educational standards set-forth by the school.

The Research On Bilingual Education

  • Bilingual educations improves key elements of brain performance, particularly in the areas of right-brain/left-brain integration and executive function, which includes working memory, mental flexibility and self-control.
  • Students in language immersion programs demonstrate higher levels of resilience, perseverance, greater creativity in problem solving, and are more flexible and culturally sensitive.

Enrollment in the Program

  • Classes begin in early elementary, with an additional grade level added each year.
  • Students selected for the program must meet the school's admission standards.
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